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Instructor Cathy really helped me to change my career.

I am new and know nothing about dentistry before I heard Cathy through word of mouth and I decided to take the course, which was my best decision.

It was only in 8 weeks but Cathy broke down and taught me everything. I had a lot of questions and Cathy took time to answer them all in detail with cheerful exercises which helped me easy to understand.

Surprisingly, I got a job right before the course ended. I wasn’t expecting to get the job that fast. I am very happy to have Cathy as reference in my resume.

Thank you so much for helping me, Cathy! 

Shoko E

Hi Cathy,
I am very pleased to let you know about my dental receptionist course.
I remembered that when I was thinking a couple of weeks ago to register for this course and also nervous because I don't have any experience or study in this field.
However, after I registered with you and started the study everything changed.
At the beginning of class, I was confused but   You helped me a lot. Another thing I want to mention is that the way you teach is amazing. Whenever I need to ask you a question you explained it to me very patiently and I appreciate that.
Thank you for taking extra time to explain skills and information that I had not yet been exposed to.

Additionally, you are helping me to edit my resume and cover letter. And also finding a place for the practicum.
Hopefully in future, I will register for a dental assistant course with you.
Thank you,
Ramandeep Randhawa,


It is the best investment and decision I ever made for my career.

Cathy's course is thorough and beneficial. The course is my stepping stone to the dental world. She not only taught me about dental reception, but also taught me how to be a professional, confident and competent receptionist. Thank you Cathy for all the encouragement, support and motivation. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to pursue a dental receptionist course with Cathy. It's only 8 weeks, and you get a job right before completion.

Maggie Anna Brown

The Dental Receptionist Course by Cathy Doan has been very helpful for me. She is very Professional and nice. The course gives a fantastic educational base from which you can build your future with ease. I love that Cathy features in the course videos making the learning fun. This course is well set out, very easy to understand and complete. I highly recommend it to someone who is wanting to upskill in this area of work. The great idea about this course was that it allowed me to study from home. The knowledge I learned just paid for this course. I’m glad I joined the course.

Thank you so much, Cathy, for creating this mentoring program. 

Tanya A


I found out about Cathy through a web search.  At that time, I was looking at improving my proficiency for additional dental management software while working part time at a dental office. 


Cathy was really flexible and provided me with a one-on-one training programme to accommodate our conflicting schedules. While I ultimately could not finish the course due to circumstances beyond our control, Cathy taught me so well and efficiently that I had little problem getting proficient with the software in the end. 


Cathy even arranged additional employment opportunities for me and while I did not take up that post because it was simply too far for me, I could say that I ended up where I am currently happily employed due in no small part to her training and advice given.


Cecilia CM Lim

Hi Cathy, I'm very thankful for taking the Dental receptionist course with you, even though i didn't know anything about dentistry, you helped me to learn a lot and you were very patience with me. I really appreciate all your knowledge.

Thank you for helping me find a job right away. Only with a few weeks of studying I felt really prepared and confident. Now I work in one of the busiest offices in Burnaby. I strongly recommend this course with Cathy, you will learn everything you need to know in a short period of time.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Warm regards ,



I had an amazing experience taking Cathy’s course. Everything was covered thoroughly and she would take her time going over and explaining things. Nothing ever felt rushed in this course. I felt confident and had a good understanding of everything i needed to know to take on a career as a dental receptionist when the course was finished.

I definitely recommend my friends and family who are interested in being a dental receptionist to take this course with Cathy.

Kaila B

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