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Cathy Doan

Founder & Instructor

Introducing the incredible Cathy Doan, the visionary CEO and founder of the Dental Receptionist Online Course! With an impressive career spanning over 20 years in the dental industry, Cathy brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table. Her journey through various facets of dentistry, including Dental Office Management and dental assisting, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Cathy has meticulously crafted our course to ensure it meets the highest standards of education and practical relevance. Her up-to-date insights into dental administrative practices, combined with her passion for teaching, make her an exceptional instructor. Cathy is dedicated to empowering her students with the skills and confidence needed to excel as dental receptionists.

Her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise is evident in every lesson, as she guides you through the intricacies of dental office operations. With Cathy at the helm, you can trust that you're receiving top-notch training from a leader who is deeply committed to your success. Join us and let Cathy help you embark on a rewarding career in the dental field, turning your aspirations into reality!

Judy Zhong


Judy is an enthusiastic and sociable individual with a fervent drive for helping others. While initially drawn to the field of paramedics, she discovered her true passion for dentistry in 2020. Judy takes pride in her warm and nurturing personality, qualities that have fueled her desire to work in healthcare since childhood. Despite her initial aspirations in the medical field, Judy found the demanding nature of such work to be a challenge. However, her journey led her to a transformative opportunity as a dental receptionist, where she flourished and eventually advanced to a role as a dental managerial assistant. Judy is eager to inspire and support others in realizing their potential, not only within the realm of dental administration but also in exploring opportunities for personal and professional growth. Her ultimate goal is to ignite a sense of passion and purpose in others, empowering them to shine brightly and achieve their dreams.


604 - 618 - 8458

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